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At Macoil, we still specialise in the sales of industrial oils and greases. Our new central premises, large stock and technical knowledge make us the perfect partner for all your lubricant needs. As well as having a long standing strong local presence in East and West Flanders, through time our distributors have turned Macoil into a major player in the lubricants market.


The vast range of lubricants and the wide choice of different specifications and qualities will certainly not make things easier for the user. In addition, a lot of machine manufacturers specify in the service booklet a hard-to-find brand or type. For this reason, we, at Macoil, rely on our years of professional expertise and experience to make sure that you have the proper lubricants from the vast array of products from various suppliers. We warrant that each product meets the different specifications demanded by the manufacturers.

It is impossible to get our products and product names registered for every manufacturer. However, we believe that quality is paramount and therefore maintained. Our experience indicates that brand positioning may differ from one niche market to another. That's why we source from different suppliers. In order to protect our share of the market we sell these products under our Macoil brand name.